Take back control of your content from AI

Credtent enables creators to exclude their work from AI tools or to profit by setting fair licensing terms for responsible companies seeking credible, unbiased training data.

Your Content is Yours

Credtent enables you to decide if your content can be used for training the Large Language Models that power artificial intelligence.

  • License Work For Passive Income

    You can opt to make your work available and collect income from its use on AI systems or donate proceeds to the charity of your choice.

  • Set Controls for Your Content

    You decide if your content can be used. Restrict it for academic purposes, commercial work, or block it from use by AI systems.

  • Credtent is a third-party, for-good monitoring platform devoted to creative freedom

    We are creators, technologists, and scientists devoted to ensuring creative work is protected and profitable for creators and makers, not big tech.

Creators: Regain Control of Your Work

Credtent is a neutral, third-party Public Benefit Corporation empowering creators with better controls for their work.

CredTent Low cost options

Low-cost options to exclude content from AI training.

CredTent Low cost options

Showcase your work to make money on content through AI licensing.

CredTent Low cost options

Premium model for more pricing controls and auditing options.

CredTent Low cost options

Mark all of your content “Do Not Train” and Credtent will make sure the AI industry knows your work is off-limits.

CredTent Low cost options

Allow licensing of your content to collecting annual license revenue when your work is used for training.

CredTent Low cost options

Want more controls for pricing your content licensing? Our Premium account allows you more pricing and auditing controls.

Take back control of your content, get paid, or protect your work from AI Theft

AI Tools / LLMs: Ethically Source Credible Content

Pay for Quality Content to train your LLM or BabyLM

CredTent Low cost options

Licensed, credibility-validated content

CredTent Low cost options

Pricing plans for small, medium, and enterprise businesses

CredTent Low cost options

Display our Ethically-Source Content Badge to prove you play by the rules

Protect your LLM from AI drift and your organization from lawsuits.

The Ecosystem of Accurate and Licensed Training Content

Ideal Solutions for Creatives and AI Tools/Language Models

Low-cost creator control of content
Low license fees for small companies
Baby LLMs
License options to generate revenue
Media Owners
CredTent Low cost options
Modular content types to ensure the best content
Industry LLMs
Premium content options to block use or license on your own terms
Mega Creators
Enterprise pricing
Open LLMs
Register your likeness to exclude or generate income from AI
A third-party reference for content labeling, rating, and quality standards
Big Tech

Bridging creativity and technology

We are a group of seasoned scientists, creatives, and technologists with the goal to ethically bring creativity and technology together for the good of our world.

Your data is our priority

We will NEVER provide your work or data to brokers. We will NEVER sell our company to big tech organizations. We want human creators to thrive and Large Language Models to be more accurate and useful for all of us.

Train on Scientifically-Validated Credible Content

  • Credtent is developing the Science of Credibility to fight misinformation, bias, and the lack of inclusivity in training content.

  • Our team of scientists and experts in content intelligence, led by founding eHarmony scientist Dr. Galen Buckwalter, have decades of history developing scales for understanding interactions and communication.

  • As a neutral third-party, Credtent is singularly focused on the twin missions of improving AI accuracy and ensuing all training content is licensed and credible.

Join our Credibility Science Studies Team of Scholars and Experts

Creative and Technology Associations Partner with Credtent

Solve Your Members’ “AI Problem”

In response to the growing need for AI solutions, Credtent offers associations the opportunity to safeguard their members at reduced prices, and to have a say in how we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

Through Credtent’s technology, associations can ensure that their members have the tools they need.

  • Protect your members with a Credtent license at a reduced price

  • Special pricing partnerships for organization-wide licensing

  • Associations gain a seat on our Credtent Creator or LLM Advisory Board


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